micro business manager
simple invoicing, bookkeeping, crm, and business management  software for HVAC Service, Plumbers, Writers, Solopreneurs
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Successful solopreneurs everywhere love SideShark.  Take a look at what they are saying...
"I love SideShark! SideShark has made it simple for me to keep track of the projects I’m working on and what deliverables should be included in the invoices I send to my clients. With the ability to run profit-loss and other reports, set alerts and reminders for myself, and customize transactions, SideShark has significantly reduced my time spent on administration, allowing me to concentrate instead on my work."

Sarah D.
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micro business manager
Start using SideShark for Free now!Start using SideShark for Free now!
"I have really enjoyed using SideShark because of its personal feel compared to more overwhelming software. I love that I can add notes into each account. All of my information can be in one place, no extra files, no wasteful searching. SideShark has cut down the amount of time I usually spend doing the books. It's awesome!"

Kate J.
"Sideshark helped me to finally get organized, with everything to manage my small business in one place. It's a real timesaver and also helps me not to forget follow-ups."

Mary D.
"As a freelance writer, contact management, sending proposals and invoicing are always a challenge. SideShark provides an intuitive interface that is not too flashy or over-engineered for the solopreneur. It serves multiple purposes and is a timesaver and asset to my business."

Susan L.
"Sideshark is an easy-to-use tool for the freelancer, capturing each task readily and making the freelancer's life a bit easier. Thanks for thinking of us."

Phyllis C.
"SideShark has streamlined the way I organize and access information on my clients, saving me precious time and effort. With one click I can view everything from invoice details, contacts, notes, and deadlines for any given client at a glance. By doing the secretarial work for me, I’m free to focus on providing my clients with the attention they deserve."

Megan A.
"I have been searching high and low for software that has both CRM and invoicing functions, and that is easy and intuitive to use. In SideShark, I've finally found it. No more clunky spreadsheets!"

Anne F.
"I've been a freelance writer for 20 years and simply created my invoices in Word, organizing them by invoice number. It was a decent system but never allowed me to see the big picture regarding my yearly income and which invoices were still outstanding. SideShark does that and more -- it helps me organize all my clients at a glance, track my contact with them, and create, save, send and view all my invoices. It is more client-centered than invoice-centered. I am still learning how to use all the features -- and I really appreciate the super customer service from the software development team!"

Gay E.
"SideShark is a breeze to use. It isn't cluttered like other comparable software. It has an easy to get around interface with everything in one place so I no longer have to search for the information that I need. I don't dread quoting and invoicing anymore."

"SideShark has helped me to stay organized and professional as I expand my client base. I'm now able to easily juggle multiple clients without having to reference multiple programs/websites for information. This program has saved me an immense amount of time, which means I am able to take on more projects."

Kristel Y.
“I used to write a column for a weekly newspaper, and I used Microsoft Excel to keep track of proposals, scheduled articles, and completed work. If SideShark existed during my time as a columnist, I would’ve been thrilled. The software makes scheduling and organizing transactions a snap. I could’ve saved a ton of time, and found the information I often looked for in far fewer clicks. I’m excited to manage my business with SideShark moving forward.”

Michael C.