micro business manager
simple invoicing, bookkeeping, crm, and business management  software for HVAC Service, Plumbers, Writers, Solopreneurs
Start using SideShark for Free now!Start using SideShark for Free now!
The #1 Cloud Alternative for Solopreneurs
micro business manager
Start using SideShark for Free now!Start using SideShark for Free now!
Integrating CRM and bookkeeping in a simple single-screen view, SideShark takes the drudgery out of running your business.  All that's left is the fun!
Track money coming in...
   - Manage clients, projects, track payment history
   - Create and email/print invoices, proposals, receipts
   - View categorized sales totals for any period
Track money going out...
   - Manage suppliers, vendors, track business spending
   - Enter bills, organize expenses, make payments
   - View categorized expense totals for any period
Access vital business data...
   - Instantly view up-to-the-minute Profit & Loss reports
   - Attach project documents to clients for instant retrieval
   - Track Income and expense details for easy tax filing
Manage client and vendor relationships...
   - Log and track client, prospect, and vendor notes
   - Send personalized group email, track sales opportunities
   - Set alerts for meetings, callbacks, project deadlines, etc.
Find out why SideShark is the best choice for your business...  Advantages
All your Data.  At a Glance.
Most software today is optimized for the small screens of tablets and phones, which means lots of scrolling and jumping around to view your data. You end up spending more time looking for information than looking at it. SideShark's innovative design for MacBooks and Windows gives you instant access to your data without all the scrolling and jumping. So you get more done in less time.
Work faster.  Work smarter.  Have fun.