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simple invoicing, bookkeeping, crm, and business management  software for HVAC Service, Plumbers, Writers, Solopreneurs
Start using SideShark for Free now!Start using SideShark for Free now!
SideShark has three distinct (and really important) advantages over other software options that make it the clear choice for your business.
SideShark is for a Solo Business
Most makers of accounting software and contact management software try to be everything to everyone. To attract a broad market, their software includes features that a "small" business with 50 or more employees might require. That means lots of complexity, confusion, and frustration for a solo business.
On the other hand, we designed SideShark specifically to meet the business management needs of people who go it alone: HVAC service contractors, plumbers, freelance writers, editors, photographers, web designers, event planners, independent consultants -- you name it.
We know you want the fastest and easiest way to manage your prospects, clients, suppliers, and projects; prepare proposals and invoices; track your sales and expenses; and keep your vital business data organized. Then, at tax time, you want the ability to provide your accountant with the information she needs within seconds.
That's just what SideShark does -- with no complexity, confusion, or frustation -- and that's why we promise you will love it.
No Business Management Software on the Planet does just what you need as simply and efficiently as SideShark
Bold statement? Yes, but spend 30 minutes falling in love with SideShark's innovative, single-screen panoramic design for MacBooks and Windows laptops, and we are pretty sure you will forgive our bravado. All it takes is 30 minutes.
SideShark is the #1 Cloud Alternative for Solopreneurs
Unlike subscription "cloud" software that you essentially rent, SideShark is a native app that installs in seconds on your MacBook or Windows laptop. What that means to you is...
Much Better Performance. Cloud services are often sluggish and subject to lag times, down times, and lost connections. SideShark is always available, super fast, and reliable. That means you get more done in less time -- with none of the aggravation. SideShark plays nice.
Way Less Expensive. By definition, subscribing to a cloud service means that you never stop paying for it. On the other hand, SideShark Starter is free. Even SideShark Pro and SideShark Premium cost less than what most cloud services charge for a single year -- and it's yours to use forever!
No (unwanted) Surprises. Let's say you've been using a cloud service for a few months and are starting to feel comfortable with it. Then, one day, you log in and it looks and behaves differently (and not in a way that you like). How do you revert back to what you had? You can't. You see, cloud services can change anything about the software at anytime - whether you like it or not. Thankfully, that won't happen with SideShark.
Peace of Mind. With a cloud service, they control the software you use to manage your business as well as all the data you've entered into it. Are you comfortable letting someone else have access to your sensitive business data? And what happens if they go out of business and the service is no longer available? That could bring your business to a halt. We've seen it happen. On the other hand, with SideShark, you (not us) always have access to the software and your data. It just makes sense.

Remember: With SideShark, you own the solution. Not vice versa. 
The #1 Cloud Alternative for Solopreneurs
micro business manager
Start using SideShark for Free now!Start using SideShark for Free now!
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