micro business manager
simple invoicing, bookkeeping, crm, and business management  software for HVAC Service, Plumbers, Writers, Solopreneurs
Start using SideShark for Free now!Start using SideShark for Free now!
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Whether you're a plumber, HVAC service contractor, freelance writer, or other solopreneur, starting your own business was a big step. The next step is choosing the best software to help you organize, manage, and grow it.
Let's have a look at the options...
Option #1:  Make do with your word processing and spreadsheet software.
In the absence of promising alternatives, lots of solopreneurs stick with these old standbys. Definitely a step up from pen and paper, but still a long way from efficient. Plus, creating a disconnected pile of documents and spreadsheets won't keep you very organized.
Option #2:  Use cloud services for invoicing, accounting, CRM, and whatever else.
Does scrolling and typing on a tablet or, worse, your phone sound like an efficient way to run your business? We don't think so. Why not use software designed specifically for your MacBook or Windows laptop? It's faster, easier, safer, and way less costly than a cloud service.
Option #3:  Just get SideShark.
Designed expressly for MacBooks and Windows laptops, SideShark is a simple, super-fast app that you own - no monthly fees! Effortlessly manage contacts, clients, suppliers, proposals, projects, invoices, payments, income, and expenses all from an innovative, single-screen panoramic view. Seeing is believing...  Get it free
The #1 Cloud Alternative for Solopreneurs
micro business manager
Start using SideShark for Free now!Start using SideShark for Free now!
"SideShark has streamlined the way I organize and access information on my clients, saving me precious time and effort. With one click I can view everything from invoice details, contacts, notes, and deadlines for any given client at a glance. By doing the secretarial work for me, I’m free to focus on providing my clients with the attention they deserve."

Megan F.